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Um, mom, no..don’t do that.


Ironman ArizonaNovember 16th, 2014
The big day is here.

This morning I came into my kitchen to find this:


Now,  anyone who has ever been to Starbucks knows the green stopper they will put in your drink to prevent spills. Somehow,  my mother can’t seem to let hers go. She, for some reason doesn’t toss them in the trash along with her cup when finished. She,  keeps the stoppers in her drink holder in her car. I’ve noticed the insanity in the car many times,  and I’ve  even said things to her about it. But today took the cake.  Today, she had washed all of the stoppers.  So, like any NORMAL human, I asked,  “Mom what the hell are you doing with those?  Did you just wash them? ?”  To which she replied, “Yes, I’m going to take them back to Starbucks.”  I about fell over…”Um, Mom, no..don’t do that. ” 
I started to crack up and had to leave before I said anything else.
The people at Starbucks probably already think she’s off her rocker, as she goes there (to the same one,  and calls all the workers by name–in the drive thru) every day maybe 3 times. Can you imagine if she would have rolled up with this crazy ass stash of USED stir sticks??! I think she owes me a coffee for saving her from her own crazy..and then,  part of me wishes I didn’t say a word but just let it happen..
I take pleasure in knowing that she will do something else just as crazy tomorrow.

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