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Summer is Almost Over, Better Cram it All In…


Ironman ArizonaNovember 16th, 2014
The big day is here.


Seriously, I am looking at the end of my kids’ summer vacation.  It’s bittersweet.  Yeah, part of me is sad to see them go back to the daily “grind” of a more structured school schedule.  ( I also am not a fan of waking up early, and then proceeding to scream at them for the next hour to “EAT breakfast, BRUSH teeth, GET dressed, FIND shoes, DID YOU BRUSH yet, WHERE is your homework!”)  And, part of me is secretly super excited to see them go.  I am kind of over the whole seeing them every day for the entire day routine.  So yeah, it’s bittersweet.  I am always so ready for summer to get here, sick of the daily routine, and then somehow, I’m always ready for school to get back in.  Guess it works out for me year in and year out.

Looking at my schedule for the last week before school goes back, I realize we need to cram in a few things we haven’t done yet.  Yesterday, we took the 3 hour trip to Holiday World.  I mean, if we didn’t do something fun, what will my 4th grader write on the first day of school about his summer vacation?  It better be good, and now I’ve guaranteed that teacher an interesting essay.  I surely don’t want his paper all about going to the pool every day and playing hours of video games, do I?

Today, we are on our way to Michigan, another mini-vacation.  Just 2 nights.  With my dad and his family.  Hmmm, not much to say here.  Guess we will see how it goes and I’ll tell you about it after.  The kids really want to go, Grandpa has a boat.  With a slide!  And, he lives on a lake.  (But he also lives with his wife, and for that, we will stop all conversation here).

Better cram it all in before school starts back on Wednesday.  We will all be exhausted and hopefully fall asleep before 11pm the night before school.  Better get back to it.  Our routine for the next several months, until it’s summer again….ahhh.


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