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Ironman ArizonaNovember 16th, 2014
The big day is here.

I love to use a paper calendar for work, and for my workouts.  I need to see the words written down in the boxes and each day marked off accordingly.  I need to see the progress I have made, and what I have ahead of me.  I use my phone calendar for everything else…appointments, birthdays (ha good luck getting a card on time from me, just sayin’)  and what day the dry cleaner picks up my laundry.  But the paper calendar really helps me put my life during the months time, into perspective.
At the end of the month, like today, I enjoy reflecting on my month.  How did work go, what worked and what didn’t..what I can change for next month.  I like to reflect on my workouts as well.  What days I ran, rode my bike, did a video in my basement or how often I did nothing at all.

2015-06-30 18.13.57

I wonder, does anyone else feel this way?  Do any of you use paper calendars any more?  Or is it all electronic?  I don’t think I can give up my old ways and get on board with the whole virtual thing for this part of my life.  Have you?


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