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May is National Bike Month


Ironman ArizonaNovember 16th, 2014
The big day is here.

I’m super excited about biking right now anyway, and it’s National Bike Month so maybe that will really get me motivated to ride.

My grandparents, who are now in their 80’s, have been avid cyclists all of their lives.   I am a runner, not a biker cyclist.  But, I want to be.  So, my grandpa sent me my grandma’s old bike in a box.  He said it was a good one, it was special order for my grandma.  If I knew anything about bikes, I would tell you all about it.  (Maybe that is a post for next year, after I know what I am doing and I have some time/experience under my belt).

My bike was put together at the store, with a pedal I have never even heard of.  SPD? APB?  WHAT?!  SPD=Shimano Pedaling Dynamics.  It’s a type of pedal.  I had to work with the guy at the store to even learn how to clip in and out of this pedal.  The best part was when he said, “It’s not a matter of IF you will fall, it’s WHEN you fall”  ha ha.  I have had my bike on the trainer in my basement since bringing it home.  I am training for a half-marathon and I’m not up for a biking injury until after I complete my first race.  Besides learning (or trying to learn) about my new super cool pedals, I also learned I am not a “biker”.  I was told bikers are guys who have tattoos and ride motorcycles.  I am a cyclist, one who shaves their legs and rides a bike.

I am planning on taking my bike outside after May 16.  I can’t wait and hopefully by then, I will have had enough practice with clipping in and out of my pedals, I only fall once.  I am a quick learner, and I don’t like to be hurt…so I am sure to figure it out fast.

I’d love to hear any of your thoughts on your first cycling experiences.  I am excited to begin something new.  A new sport in a new month.  And, it couldn’t be more perfect since it’s May.  National Bike Month!!

20150502_152444 20150502_152450

I also love this headband from  It is uber comfy, and I have tried it on under my helmet.  I feel like at least when I take off the helmet and my hair is a mess, this will disguise most of that bad hair…$9.00



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