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The Best Side-Dish I Made This Weekend


So this may be the best, AND the easiest side-dish around.  A neighbor of my mom’s brought this to my house last year for a BBQ, and I have made it several times since.  Here is my “recipe” (haha) for Grilled Cauliflower.

1 Head Cauliflower

Olive Oil


Balsamic (IF you like it) for dipping or drizzling

Basically, turn your gill pan on to high heat.  Heat it up until it is hot.  Like almost smoking.  Toss your washed cauliflower in a bowl with about 2 tablespoons of olive oil and a big pinch of salt.  Pour it onto the prepared grill pan.  Let it sit.  Sit longer than you would normally want to.  I know you want to toss around the cauliflower, but don’t touch it.  Give it a few, let it get a little black. Now, turn over your pieces.  Add oil if needed.  It takes probably 7-8 minutes per side to cook, but maybe every 4 minutes, turn it over or change positions so it’s not completely black.  I add salt to taste.  Once it is finished, let it sit a little. The veggies taste better when they are not smoking hot.  I like to put a small dish of balsamic vinegar with the cauliflower, for dipping.  It’s a great dish.  You can make ahead and take to a party, just tent with foil.  This dish tastes great at room temperature too.

I have also done this with both cauliflower and broccoli.  The broccoli will cook much faster, so watch it and take it off the pan while the cauliflower continues to cook.

A Great Way to Stay Motivated


Chart your progress.  If you write down an entire month of workouts right before the beginning of the month, you will stay focused on your workouts.  If feels so good to cross off your workout day after day.  Or, try keeping a log of your workouts. Pick up a calendar at the dollar store, or print out a free calendar at This way, every day you can look forward to jotting down your latest workout.  At the end of the week, look back at your progress, you will instantly feel a sense of accomplishment.

My First Half Marathon

I completed my first half marathon this past weekend. Actually, that was my first race ever. It was right around the corner from where I live. Which was really cool.

I finished. So there’s that. I finished about 6-8 minutes slower than I had trained for.  So, I am a little disappointed. But, when I read the stats, they make me feel really good. Like, I was 14th in my age group. Ok, I like that. I finished 59th out of 730 females. That’s good too. I just wish I would have given it a little more at the end. I was doing so well until about mile 10..I hit some hills, I was getting tired. It was quite a long run. Maybe I should have done longer runs during my training. Some of them I would only do 9 or 12 when my paper said 13. Darn it. I really did follow that schedule well, but I maybe got a little cocky closer to the end. I knew I could finish. I just should have finished stronger than I did. Next time.

I am totally signing up for another half. I want to beat my time. I also worry that if I don’t sign up, I won’t run as much and then, I’ll get fat. Not an option.

Here I am. This is my Facebook post. First, me running at the end. Second, my kids..who were at the finish line cheering me on. Third, a girlfriend dropped a note and 13 beers on my porch to congratulate me.


Not a bad day. I’ll beat those 6 minutes in the next one.

Run Like You Stole Something

I love this line.  Run Like You Stole Something.  It’s funny, before I became a runner (only last year) I would have said the ONLY time I would run, was if the cops were after me….

Now I want to run to feel good.  To get away from the people in my house ( aka, my family ).  To listen to Eminem (REALLY EFFING LOUD).  And to think…. I enjoy my runs.  No one is asking for anything.  For that hour, or however long I am gone, it’s just me.  And I love that time.

Running so fast like I stole something is new.  I am currently training for my first half, which I will complete this weekend.  During my training, I have had to do some speed-work, and tempo-runs.  They have sometimes made me feel like I was running from someone.

I love running.  I love running fast.  I love running slow.  I love the line “Run Like You Stole Something.”  It’s funny and makes me laugh…

Here is the perfect shirt for me $30.


A Great Family Dinner, Everyone Loves This One.

My kids love rice.  My husband loves beef.  I love some green veggies.  This recipe from “The Pioneer Woman” is a staple at my house.  I make it weekly.  No one ever rolls their eyes.  No one “isn’t hungry.”  This is a winner by far and I need to share it with you.


There are only a few ingredients, some of which I have to leave out, because I forget to grab them at the store. (green onions I love you, but you are so forgettable) Don’t worry, you can get by on just the bare minimums with this, and it’s still a tasty delight to all who sit at my table.


I have to say, I have never made a recipe by Ree Drummond, aka The Pioneer Woman, that hasn’t dazzled my crowd.  Everything she makes is great.  I am inspired now to see what she has cooking on her website, which I am happy to make my family the guinea pigs for you.  I’ll share another soon…

Today I Love Running

Some days, I don’t…today I do.  I love running.  I want everyone to know about it.  And, on a day I don’t love running…I’ll wear this anyway, to convince myself and anyone else who sees me that I do!  It’s a love hate…

Screenshot 2015-05-06 at 8.09.58 PM

May is National Bike Month

I’m super excited about biking right now anyway, and it’s National Bike Month so maybe that will really get me motivated to ride.

My grandparents, who are now in their 80’s, have been avid cyclists all of their lives.   I am a runner, not a biker cyclist.  But, I want to be.  So, my grandpa sent me my grandma’s old bike in a box.  He said it was a good one, it was special order for my grandma.  If I knew anything about bikes, I would tell you all about it.  (Maybe that is a post for next year, after I know what I am doing and I have some time/experience under my belt).

My bike was put together at the store, with a pedal I have never even heard of.  SPD? APB?  WHAT?!  SPD=Shimano Pedaling Dynamics.  It’s a type of pedal.  I had to work with the guy at the store to even learn how to clip in and out of this pedal.  The best part was when he said, “It’s not a matter of IF you will fall, it’s WHEN you fall”  ha ha.  I have had my bike on the trainer in my basement since bringing it home.  I am training for a half-marathon and I’m not up for a biking injury until after I complete my first race.  Besides learning (or trying to learn) about my new super cool pedals, I also learned I am not a “biker”.  I was told bikers are guys who have tattoos and ride motorcycles.  I am a cyclist, one who shaves their legs and rides a bike.

I am planning on taking my bike outside after May 16.  I can’t wait and hopefully by then, I will have had enough practice with clipping in and out of my pedals, I only fall once.  I am a quick learner, and I don’t like to be hurt…so I am sure to figure it out fast.

I’d love to hear any of your thoughts on your first cycling experiences.  I am excited to begin something new.  A new sport in a new month.  And, it couldn’t be more perfect since it’s May.  National Bike Month!!

20150502_152444 20150502_152450

I also love this headband from  It is uber comfy, and I have tried it on under my helmet.  I feel like at least when I take off the helmet and my hair is a mess, this will disguise most of that bad hair…$9.00


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