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The Most Dangerous Treadmill…Ever


Ironman ArizonaNovember 16th, 2014
The big day is here.


This is my treadmill. It is extremely dangerous. First, there is something, not sure what, stuck into the RED safety pull stop. We lost the lanyard..maybe one of the kids has my husband fashioned some type of material to push into the safety mechanism. That’s probably dangerous. Now, notice what else my husband has MacGyver’d on there.  The white wire hooks you see are part of what was a hangar at some point. He taped those to my treadmill to hold my iPad, book or magazine. Thoughful? YES. Dangerous? AND HOW. But let me tell you, it worked. Until today. Today, when I hopped on to run a few miles, I placed my iPad up in those hooks. I turned on my treadmill and took off. Then, the most amazing thing happened. I got a little jolt, my treadmill came to an abrupt stop, the iPad went flying and I was almost impaled by the wire. This happened not once, but twice. Probably because I didn’t believe such a thing just happened to me..did my treadmill actually shock me? I think it may have. Error? No time for errors. I just unplugged that baby, plugged it back in and tried again. And then the second time of almost stabbing my chest open with old wire hangars..I went outside for a run.
You are most welcome for the photo. I didn’t think anyone could get quite the visual this story actually deserves without it.


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