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Earth Day. April 21


Ironman ArizonaNovember 16th, 2014
The big day is here.

Today is Earth Day. I can think of a few ways I can do my part.  One thing I do all too often, is drive my kids to the bus stop. Rain or shine, we will walk the 3 blocks.  My workout usually consists of me running out the door or riding my bike, right out my front door, so that is about as green as I can get.  But if you usually drive to the gym,  why not try biking or running there?

This weekend there is an Earth Day festival.  I will try to attend this to learn about sustainability and green living.  Hopefully I can attend a workshop about organic gardening.  I want to have a garden this year.  I love the idea of walking out my back door and grabbing some fresh tomatoes and herbs for a salad.

Maybe even I’ll unplug a bit..turn off the computer, maybe stop for a few minutes and not look at my cell phone.  I’ll try to take a walk, and tune in to this amazing planet we call Earth.

Happy Earth Day…what will you do?



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