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The Most Dangerous Treadmill…Ever


This is my treadmill. It is extremely dangerous. First, there is something, not sure what, stuck into the RED safety pull stop. We lost the lanyard..maybe one of the kids has my husband fashioned some type of material to push into the safety mechanism. That’s probably dangerous. Now, notice what else my husband has MacGyver’d on there.  The white wire hooks you see are part of what was a hangar at some point. He taped those to my treadmill to hold my iPad, book or magazine. Thoughful? YES. Dangerous? AND HOW. But let me tell you, it worked. Until today. Today, when I hopped on to run a few miles, I placed my iPad up in those hooks. I turned on my treadmill and took off. Then, the most amazing thing happened. I got a little jolt, my treadmill came to an abrupt stop, the iPad went flying and I was almost impaled by the wire. This happened not once, but twice. Probably because I didn’t believe such a thing just happened to me..did my treadmill actually shock me? I think it may have. Error? No time for errors. I just unplugged that baby, plugged it back in and tried again. And then the second time of almost stabbing my chest open with old wire hangars..I went outside for a run.
You are most welcome for the photo. I didn’t think anyone could get quite the visual this story actually deserves without it.

Earth Day. April 21

Today is Earth Day. I can think of a few ways I can do my part.  One thing I do all too often, is drive my kids to the bus stop. Rain or shine, we will walk the 3 blocks.  My workout usually consists of me running out the door or riding my bike, right out my front door, so that is about as green as I can get.  But if you usually drive to the gym,  why not try biking or running there?

This weekend there is an Earth Day festival.  I will try to attend this to learn about sustainability and green living.  Hopefully I can attend a workshop about organic gardening.  I want to have a garden this year.  I love the idea of walking out my back door and grabbing some fresh tomatoes and herbs for a salad.

Maybe even I’ll unplug a bit..turn off the computer, maybe stop for a few minutes and not look at my cell phone.  I’ll try to take a walk, and tune in to this amazing planet we call Earth.

Happy Earth Day…what will you do?


Would You Rather? Run 12 miles or Run 5 in the Wind Pushing a 34 Pound Kid in a Stroller?

I would have thought the 12 mile run would be harder.  It was a great run, I felt good and I am so glad I did it, of course.  I took a day off.  Next day, I thought a 5 mile loop to the park and back with my 4-year-old would be an awesome way to knock out a run and a play date.  Well, 20 mile an hour winds pushing an old (like 9-year-old) stroller was not an easy task.  I would look at my Garmin and see that I was running almost as slow as I can walk fast.  I was pushing and getting blown all over the place.  I am sure the drivers in the cars whooshing by me were cracking up.  I wanted to turn off my watch so that I couldn’t see how bad my pace was, but part of me really wanted to see how fast (slow) I was moving.  It was not easy.  It kills me to see that pace on my computer as I check it every day to see my progress as I train for the half in May.  I do think, however, this is very good for my training.  I can just think about how easy my next run will be without child, without wind.  I bet I will run at a faster pace this week because of that!

So, if ever asked this question of “Would You Rather,”  I will most definitely answer 12.

How To Out Run A Storm

Haha. Well, I wish I had the answer to that. Yesterday, my husband came in from a run as I was going out for mine. We have to tag team the kids while they are on Spring Break. It was a little misty, but no sign of an oncoming storm. I asked Jason if he knew if we were going to have a storm and he said, “Nah, you’ll be just fine.” I should have checked my phone for the weather. 
Jason always  asks my route just to make sure I’m ok out there..I’m glad I stuck to my plan. I wasn’t sure if I was doing 4 or was going to depend on how I felt, and now the weather held out. Well, I got to 2 and it started to rain, not too bad, at that point. I saw some lighting that was a little too close for comfort, and it was rapidly getting darker as I ran. I turned for home and the heavens let loose. I was soaked, couldn’t see and was a little nervous but not too far from home that I knew I’d be ok. Every car that I saw, I thought  for sure would be my husband. Finally, on the home stretch I could see him pulling out of the driveway coming to find me. It was so dark he didn’t even see me until I was waving him down!  Glad I got in a few miles. Sad it was cut so short. Guess these Indiana springs are like this. One minute it’s beautiful  the next it’s coming down like cats and dogs!

Family photos


Last week, my 4 year old needed a family picture for a project in pre-school. Well, we don’t have any family photos. We are the family who always forgets to have someone snap a quick picture when the four of us are together. I have a ton of pics just me and the kids, or just my husband and the kids. But I couldn’t find ONE with all of us. So, we quickly took a selfie on our way out the door to pre-school. I have no idea what this picture is for, and honestly  I hope I don’t ever see it again..
I have contacted a professional photographer for a family photo shoot this spring.
Nothing like a little pre-school motivation…

National Walk to Work Day is April 3.


Walking to work is a great way to get a workout in. And we think your coworkers can handle your smell for just one day out of the year, right?!


Here is a perfect piece of inspirational art for the day..$16.00 Be Strong Box Sign

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