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2 Tips for Thursday.

First, are you drinking enough water? Hydration is proven to curb hunger and boost metabolism.  According to, drink enough water until your pee looks like lemonade.

Second, which is worse…going to bed FULL or HUNGRY?  According to Self magazine, you should skip the late-night meals.  Having too much food in your stomach can cause acid reflux, and make you uncomfortable.  But, you shouldn’t go to bed starving either.  Low blood sugar levels can lead to nighttime awakenings.  It’s best to have a small snack like yogurt or almonds before hitting the sack, the protein should hold you over without disturbing your sleep.


Messy Hair? Don’t Care. Wear a Hat.

We have the best hat around.  It comes in either navy or brown, with a snap adjustable closure.  Perfect for those days you don’t want to do your hair, or when your hair isn’t cooperating.  It’s a super stylish trucker type of hat and we think everyone should own one.  $24.


Our Website is Ready! Shop Pavement Party Now!


It took a little longer than expected. But, it’s finally here.  Today, has launched and opened it’s virtual doors!  Check out all of our amazing gear, gifts, t’s and more.  Going on a trip? Spring breakers, don’t forget to pack a bag for your suit.


or a place to keep your shades


And, don’t forget your luggage tag…

luggagetag getlostluggagetag

This is just the tip of the iceberg.  Check us out for more cool gear, and make sure to check back here for a highlight of some of my favorite pieces from our store.


Corned Beef and Cabbage


I thought this would be so difficult to make. Corned beef couldn’t be turned out to be really tasty, good enough to make a tradition at our house!
Just buy one as big as you want it the store. Cover with water and add spice packet, I added a little extra thyme and a bay leaf. Bring to a boil, cover and simmer 1 hour per pound. Done.
DON’T throw away corned beef water. Just take that puppy out and put on a plate, toss in a bag of red potatoes (quartered) and cook until almost done. Toss in as much chopped cabbage as you can fit and boil for 15 more minutes. Take potatoes and cabbage out of pot, place on top of cut corned beef.
If you like a little sauce…add a stick of butter to the cabbage water that you haven’t tossed yet. When the butter melts, spoon over veg and meat.

March is National Frozen Food Month

frozen food

Frozen food.  What do you think of frozen food?  When I think of frozen food, I think about a meal I have made from scratch and doubled so I can freeze it easily to later thaw and reheat.  I have two great recipes for freezing.  Red Beans & Rice, and Chili.  Both are delicious and my kids love them.  Bonus!  What I don’t like to do, is to buy frozen prepared.  These often are full of sodium and other ingredients.  By the way, just so you understand, frozen pizza does not count.  Frozen pizza, any kind, is good in my book.  Oh, and fast food frozen fries.  Those are really good too.  Don’t count.  Anyway, frozen food is good in a pinch, as long as you remember to take it out and thaw before you get home from work.  Isn’t that the way it happens sometimes?  One makes ahead of time a great meal for all to love, and then she forgets to thaw the meal, now it’s hard as a rock and you can’t have that great pre-made dinner until tomorrow.  Great, you still have to figure out what to do for dinner tonight.  Hey, do you have a pizza in there??

WOD Thursday Crossfit Workout at Home

I’d like to try adding this into my workout routine.  Two Pavement Party girls use this workout and have AMAZING results.  Who’s in?

Screenshot_2015-02-09-22-31-28 (1)

Back to Running Outside.

When I woke up this morning, I couldn’t tell it was raining. I put on my running gear in anticipation of a warmer weather workout and I was EXCITED. I haven’t been able to run outside for at least 3 weeks if not longer. Sub zero temps have been cutting into my training and I am over it!  Then…I realized it was pouring. But 42 degrees made me feel like spring had sprung and I was not letting some dumb rain shower stop me ..I was like a crazy excited runner..almost giddy…I was smiling as I skipped out the door. I have a brand new Garmin, and I was ready to use it! 
I had a great FAST run. 8.08 was my pace. I ran my normal 5.5 loop in the rain, smiling, and working hard.
I can’t wait for the weather to stay nice. I want to retire my treadmill until next December.
Please spring stay with us!


Trainer Tip Thursday! Try this WOD any day this week.

In addition to all of my other workouts…speed-work training for the half, P90x, riding my bike, weight training for my arms, etc…sometimes I like to do a workout that makes me feel like I’m with a trainer.  Well, this is my virtual trainer.  All I need is my phone, and a little bit of space.  Try this one.  I guarantee you will feel this tomorrow.  By the way, I hate burpees.  Wish they weren’t on here, but they are and they are effective, so I won’t skip them.  Don’t you skip them either!!!!


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