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Happy Chinese New Year


Ironman ArizonaNovember 16th, 2014
The big day is here.

It’s the year of the goat.  Or ram…or sheep.  Seems like no one is sure since in Mandarin “yang” is interpreted as “horned animal.”  But that isn’t why I am talking about Chinese New Year.  No, it’s because, I think it’s a PERFECT time for a new year.  It’s like I get a second chance.  I know it’s only been about 50 days since our New Year, but you see, I have not been 100% on top of my new year’s resolutions.  Today, I have a chance to correct those and get back on track.  I LOVE Chinese New Year.  I LOVE the year of the goat, ram or sheep…it doesn’t matter to me what the year is…it just matters that I have another chance to get it right. So I am off to my treadmill, bike and P90x videos…if you are looking for me, I’ll be the sweaty mom in the basement.



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