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Work Out … DERAILED.


Ironman ArizonaNovember 16th, 2014
The big day is here.

So, my husband is this super high-tech guru who knows anything and everything about downloading media for me.  He gets me the best workouts, all the newest stuff, right to my TV in the basement for any workout I might like to do.  So, when my super-duper easy way of turning on my workout doesn’t work properly, I get very upset.  You see, I only have this small window of time (usually) to workout, and when I am ready to go, I must get it in in the time allowed or I may go, hmmm, how do I say it? CRAZY?  Yeah, that’s the word.  It happened today.

My Jillian Michael’s workout was totally acting up…like she would stop or go real s…l….o….w…OR, just TURN OFF !!!???@@@!!! I was ok, as I have done this particular workout a million times, so I know the routine and kept on going while trying to fix the problem.  Fine.  Now, Alexis has a friend over, so while I am dealing with this quirky workout, Lexi decides to go to the bathroom, breath Rachael, and LOCK the DOOR with her girlfriend in the bathroom and while Lexi POOPS.  The girlfriend wants out, I want in, and Lex won’t get off the toilet to unlock the door.  The girlfriend can’t figure out the lock, I am looking for a key and all the while I’m a little pissed my triceps are not getting their fair share today.  I unlock the door, I get them out, Alexis gets a time out, and I go back to some triceps kickbacks.  Back to finish workout….NOPE….about 2 more minutes in, Jillian has turned off mid squirm, and I hear a huge CRASH.  My kid, thought it would be a good idea to climb on a chair, and get to the top of her playroom “closet” which is like a very long ballet bar, with a shelf on top and about 45 princess dresses hanging off of it.  Well, said bar does not hold 45 dresses plus one 30 pound princess.  Noted.


I gave up on the Jillian workout.  Decided to do a P90x shoulders and arms workout I have printed out and began that.  But it was snack time for the girls and no one was letting me out of that.

Tomorrow is a new day.  And some people go to school on Thursday’s:)


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