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10 Freezer Meals, $4.30 per Serving


Ironman ArizonaNovember 16th, 2014
The big day is here.

Over the weekend, I went to a cooking party.  The idea of the party is to make 10 freezer meals in 1 hour.  Which we did.  The prep for the party took some time, so I am going to hold judgement for that until I’ve gone through the 10 meals.  I also need to see how my family likes them, the ease of “finishing off” the meals on a meal by meal basis, and how much time did I REALLY save by going through this process.

The party cost was $79.  This included a bunch of spices and oils a few eggs, some rice and other “community” items needed to prepare our meals.  I went home with the remainder of my package of oils and spices.  Pictured below.  (I don’t use a ton of spices in my cooking but after this I may find myself using them more).


Of course, $79 isn’t buying 10 meals worth of protein or veggies. We were given a shopping list of all needed items to make each meal.  My grocery bill was about $180.  I am sure I could have significantly reduced this bill by going to Sam’s Club to buy my proteins, but I wait until the last-minute for almost everything in life, therefore I was at the Kroger at 9am, day of, the party.

Prep time for each freezer bag needs to be factored in.  Once I had all of my groceries at home, I needed to prep 10 freezer bags with what each meal would contain, so it would be ready to add the spices and oils needed to complete the meal at the party.  This probably took me 1 hour total.

So, 1 hour shopping, 1 hour prepping, and 1 hour at the party, following finishing off directions.  The party time, in my opinion, shouldn’t count, as it was a really fun group of women and we had a blast talking and working on our freezer bags.  Any time away from the children, is like a freebie, so that hour won’t count into my review of this process.  I also was offered a few glasses of wine and snacks..TOTAL BONUS.

2 Hours + $260 + 10 Meals ready to go =  A pretty happy mom.  IF meals are good and kids will eat them.

I’ll follow-up with a review once we have gone through some of these meals.  I’ll try to remember to take pictures too.  Oh, each meal is 6 servings.  $4.30 per person isn’t bad.  Even if the kids don’t like one, and we do, we have lunch or leftovers for the next day.

Here’s my freezer in the garage…they don’t take up much room at all.

2015-01-26 09.15.28


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