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Hard Workout = A Slice of Pie


Ironman ArizonaNovember 16th, 2014
The big day is here.

Today is National Pie Day.  That sounds crazy huh?  Who decides these national holidays?  I think it’s funny and feel the need to comment on them sometimes.  I think National Pie Day is appealing to me because I have been working out like a maniac and pie at any time of the day sounds good.  I don’t normally even eat pie.  But after working out as hard as I feel that I have, I want pie, and cookies, and more dinner and…some pie.

National Pie Day is to celebrate more than pie.  It’s to celebrate a togetherness with family and friends.  Obviously, a whole pie is meant to be shared among a group.  Pie is a social dessert.  It’s special enough that people don’t pass on pie.  Oh, no, you might not want any old dessert, and have had enough cookies for the rest of the year, but PIE?  Oh sure I’ll have a slice.  A small slice. How many times have we heard that?!

Let’s all celebrate National Pie Day.  Let’s work out super hard this morning and eat a slice of pie this afternoon…Who’s with me?



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