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Christmas Tree Decorating


Ironman ArizonaNovember 16th, 2014
The big day is here.



Isn’t it supposed to be fun?  Decorating the tree, having hot cocoa with the family…playing some Christmas music?   How does every year it become such a pain?  No one wants to go get out all of the decorations, so I go get them.  No one wants to carry them up from the basement, ok, again..I go.  No one wants to do the lights, “mom you are better at those”  uh, ok (isn’t dad taller? just saying.)  Then I begin to open all of the ornaments, now I see some interest, but usually only in the stuff I don’t want the kids touching.  The ornaments that are glass or the special ones that are one of a kind.  And, my kids want to fight over climbing the ladder to get to the highest point, but I figure out quickly, they don’t care about getting an ornament on the tree, they only want to climb the ladder to see who can jump from the highest point.  Next year, I’m pouring a whiskey, sending them all to a movie and decorating the tree by myself.


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