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30-Day Core Challenge


Ironman ArizonaNovember 16th, 2014
The big day is here.

I found this 30-Day Core Challenge and have decided it is the perfect day to start.  Today, December 3, 2014.  Add 30 days and it’s NEW YEAR’S DAY. Jan 1, 2015.  Anyone have a better way to start off the new year?  I, for one, am not starting my new year, fat.  I am going to start it off after 30 days of rocking my core…along with the rest of my normal workouts… hopefully this will balance out all the drinking I’m about to do over the holiday  my tendency to “over-do” my holiday festivities.  I also love that I don’t have to do all the moves at the same time, they can be broken up throughout the day. Just have to be sure to get them all in every day.


As you gain strength each week, increase the number of reps and length of time that you hold the plank.

Note: The plank time is a minimum target. If you feel stronger, try to hold it longer.


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