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My “Go To” Meal


I make beans and rice for dinner once a week. The idea came from my travels while in the Miami airport. La Carreta has the best airport food I have ever found. If you go there get the beans and rice. If you’re not going to Miami today..go to Trader Joe’s for their Cuban black beans and try this.

Make the yellow rice. (Can get at Kroger or any non-specialty store) Set aside. Rinse the plain black beans and throw them in a skillet, pour the Cuban beans on top. Mix and heat. Spoon beans on rice in a bowl to serve. Right here you have spent about $4. Splurge and add some rotisserie chicken, a little fresh chopped onion, tomato, and a squeeze of lime. Do not forget a ton of Tabasco or Frank’s Hot Sauce. It’s my go to healthy meal, even my kids love–for about $10.


A bit of motivation

So true.

I Feel Amazing!

Most of the time I run with my neighbor, who is an Ironman, and is in training for her next. Today she needed to do 6.5 miles with fast sprint intervals. I am a new-ish runner. And I don’t sprint…ever…for anything.
Well, I made it. But the whole time sprinting, (for me) just running a little faster, (for her) I had to keep telling myself we were in a race. I would find a point on the road and try to make it there. Each time the fast interval came up I had to really TRY.
It was amazing. I had a great run. I am so proud of myself for not quitting early.
I am sure my Ironman partner is not in any pain, but when I get up from this computer I may have a little limp. But, it was totally worth it.



I am making Alexis her PB&J…I am cutting off the crust….I can’t stop staring at that delicious crust. I want to eat it. It’s just 8 small pieces of crust. I could only have 1, but that will lead to two. Then dipping the 3rd in way too much peanut butter. Hell, the last piece from one slice won’t kill me. I just rode my bike for 50 minutes. I know if I eat it I will be ok. But, I’m really trying to keep my food in track—in line with my workouts. So, instead I’ll take a photo, take a moment to write this post and forget about my crusty feelings towards bread. Dangerous crust crisis averted…until Thursday when she goes back to pre-school.

I Have Something to Celebrate

I asked my husband, Jason, to join me on a run today. We haven’t ran together since I became a runner in May. (He was a runner years ago and has picked it back up recently.) He said yes, but then added, “I’m only going 4, maybe 5, and you can’t talk to me..I don’t like to chat.”
Wow, I thought. I am so excited about this run. I am so glad I invited him. Where is my normal running partner?

Well, it turned out great. Jason runs much faster than I. I was able to keep up with him. And, since I wasn’t allowed to speak, I took him for a 5.5 mile loop, what was he going to SAY about it?
Here’s to celebrating Jason’s new distance and my PR on time.
Now that we are home, I’ll tell him all the things I wanted to talk about on our run:)

These are a few of my favorite things.

Or.. Things I find interesting and had to Google.
Love me some Gluten Free Udi Bread..i was very hesitant to try it but glad I did.


Krave Jerky..I love the Chili – lime flavor and it has no nitrates. ..and it is soo good. It is a bit pricey but it’s worth it. Really great if you’re an endurance junkie like me and you need the extra sodium in your diet.


Bruce’s Sweet Potato pancake and waffle mix – I am absolutely NOT a pancake person but the first time I whipped up a batch of these I was in love. I like to throw in a handful of corn in the batter too.. It makes every bite more sweet and crunchy.. and they are even not too bad for you. EVERYTHING in moderation right. ..? Yes, absolutely! I personally like to make a huge batch. .freeze them and thaw one out when the urge strikes and pop it in the toaster for a quick crunchy meal or snack.


Hands down the best cracker ever! And it’s gluten free. All I can say is yum!


This is one I had to Google and I haven’t yet tried. .. but I’m definitely intrigued. Have you tried these?



EARTHFARE granola and Dannon oikos greek yogurt…i love this granola. I love the ingredients. ..together = delicious

Well these are a few of my favorite things. .Most of which can be found at Fresh Market or Earthfare.

What are some of your favorite store finds?

Dance = Workout



Can late night dancing count as a workout for the week? Hmmm.  I’ll look up  the definitions of workout & dance to see how I feel about this.

work·out: wərkˌout; noun

a session of vigorous physical exercise or training.

dance: dans; verb
(of a person) move in a quick and lively way
Verdict:  One workout down, 6 to go.  YAY!

The Chip Bowl.


Step away from the chips.  Chips are my downfall. Recently, I found myself telling my friend Suzie, “If the chips have salsa on them, the calories don’t count, because salsa is healthy and full of fresh veggies.”  WHAT? Talk about food rationalization.  My new mantra:  step. away. from. the. chips.

Taco Niiiight

It’s Taco Niiiiiight (say it with feelin’) & we found this recipe! IMG_8763.PNG

Thank you

Mark Twain


The worst loneliness is to not be comfortable with yourself.
-Mark Twain-

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