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RANDOM screen shots


I love scanning other peeps insta pages for things that motivate and inspire me. ..i particularly liked this one from 4lifetoenjoy.   Remember to smile.

Feed your face Friday.


It’s a good thing I’m not one of those people who hates it when their food touches. . Cause I mixed up lots of goodies in this yummy bowl.

be happy with you

wpid-7.17dont.jpgThis spoke to me so loudly today when I came upon it while reading one of my favorite blogs Peanut Butter Runner. I’ve been feeling lousy about myself lately and I really don’t know why. .but I want to feel good again. .. and I feel this message is so very important.

Count your blessings

I’ve been a bit burned out on the whole regimented “” thing. ..I’m not burned out on working out as I can’t function without doing something active every day. . Just burned out on the planned part and well the 80 mile bike ride part too…so, where does that leave me?  It leaves me deciding my workouts when I wake up in the morning and skipping masters swim classes all together.   I’ve rather enjoyed this little break and it’s given me a bit more free time too. More time to ENJOY working out.. and more time to enjoy life with my kids.  I was supposed to do a looong bike ride yesterday. . One that would have consumed the better half of my Saturday. . But it didn’t because I replaced it with an hour bike and a 3.5 mi run ..A mid tempo brick workout followed by a day of relaxing with our old neighbors and an evening boat cruise to dinner. Remember to enjoy life and have balance.



Birthday wishes

My beautiful baby turned 10 this month and my baby sister turned 24…of course we had to celebrate with Maggianos and Hello Kitty cake.  It was yummy delicious!  My baby girl always comes up with some crazy gift ideas. . And this year was no exception. .. She wanted a big hanging chair that she could cuddle up in while reading on a summer day or while watching a movie.. This huge chair now has a home in our family room. ..and I’m gonna have to find a more permanent home.  My home is becoming a full on workout facility and daycare. .


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