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Spinervals. ..great way to mix up your bike training


Ironman ArizonaNovember 16th, 2014
The big day is here.

I’ve had quite a bit of cycling on the training calendar since I completed ironman texas back in May.  A big goal for me for ironman arizona is to cut some big minutes from my bike split.  I’ve always been a decent cyclist during my short and middle distance tri races but for my ironman or 140.6 distance races my bike split is ehhhhh. ..but I’m usually pretty happy with my swim and run times.  Fast forward to now…I’m trying to re incorporate some of my spinerval training dvds into my cycling program.  It helps remove the staleness that comes from my bike dungeon. .



The treadmill dreadmill..

It’s lovely don’t you think?  It’s actually pretty great..but regardless of the space I do need help with the motivation department and the Spinervals are my solution..They are basically my spin class at home.   I went on an over kill buying spree a couple years ago but I definitely have a variety to choose from…

How do you keep motivated? 


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