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How to survive a long ride

1. Do first hour on trainer. You can accomplish alot this way. .such as. ..
-eating a warm breakfast
-warm up your stiff joints while locked in place
-can start super early so as to avoid dark not safe morning rides (or super foggy mornings like today)

2. Find a long course free of traffic. .and full of farms. . They make for great scenery.
-I feel much safer riding 2 abreast and can pass time with enjoyable conversation.
-if you’re a triathlete. .you can ride Aero alot more frequently. ..

Today’s ride was just shy of 75 miles and lasted about 4.75 hours. ..We rode much faster outside but the indoor portion on the trainer always brings down the average speed. Was a great ride minus the couple of butt holes we encountered. .


Bike trainer


Selfie pic

Where have i been?

My sister came in town and introduced me to my new favorite treat…An iced hazelnut coffee with cream and sugar… Holy cow yummy!  I’ve had 2 today already on top of my normal a couple day habit of coffee with Italian Sweet cream.  You must try this treat…I’m not even going to look at the nutritional content of this beverage. .bc it’s just that good.


Dunkin Donuts iced coffee

Bike Love

Bike Love

Love these bike loving couple coffee mugs

Childhood memories

A time with no stress…just fun times..A time when being active and healthy came naturally because it was fun to race down the street, swing from the monkey bars or dance the night away (and you didn’t need a few cocktails to brave the dance floor)….make it a goal to relive those times and you will be healthier and happier for it.


Summer dancing

Weekend Reads

I picked up a new book the other day… This book really struck a cord with me for a couple reasons.  1- it’s about a successful entrepreneur. .A female no less and 2 – it’s about an ecommerce business. Since I’m mid launch into our new online venture..i had to buy it. .and I even bought a hard copy not a download on my Kindle. ..i guess I should mention which book. . It’s #Girlboss.  I’ll let you know my thoughts soon… Are you reading any good books right now?

I love a good motivating book. . So please share.

Spinervals. ..great way to mix up your bike training

I’ve had quite a bit of cycling on the training calendar since I completed ironman texas back in May.  A big goal for me for ironman arizona is to cut some big minutes from my bike split.  I’ve always been a decent cyclist during my short and middle distance tri races but for my ironman or 140.6 distance races my bike split is ehhhhh. ..but I’m usually pretty happy with my swim and run times.  Fast forward to now…I’m trying to re incorporate some of my spinerval training dvds into my cycling program.  It helps remove the staleness that comes from my bike dungeon. .



The treadmill dreadmill..

It’s lovely don’t you think?  It’s actually pretty great..but regardless of the space I do need help with the motivation department and the Spinervals are my solution..They are basically my spin class at home.   I went on an over kill buying spree a couple years ago but I definitely have a variety to choose from…

How do you keep motivated? 

I’m tired

Today’s workout was a bit tiring. . Which has me wondering. .. Why am I awake?  I’ve been up since 4:30 for masters and a run with my friend. .. check out today’s wod….

I think I’m going to pass
out now..

Sushi my love

I have so missed my almost daily sushi fix. . So today was a welcome change.  I enjoyed getting my nails done and a yummy sushi lunch with my baby girl.





Favorite daily jewels..cuffs


I love cuffs and I plan on making these a staple in my new shop (http://www…To be launched soon!
Talk soon!


Tattoo or not

I think yes….IMG_20130731_221308

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