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Cutting it short..


Ironman ArizonaNovember 16th, 2014
The big day is here.

I had a 4 hour ride on the schedule today. .keep in mind I’m only 1.5 weeks out from ironman texas. .But i am also less than 6 months out from ironman arizona. ..
I knew about 10 minutes in that I was only gonna do 3hrs… so I was pleased I made it 3:10….

I explored some new roads today which always makes the time go faster.. but once that butt gets tired of that seat. . It can be tough to keep those legs a spinning.  That’s the upside of riding a fair distance from home. . You hv to ride back.  After checking that of my list. ..i jumped in a hot shower. .. (I prefer hot showers or baths to recover over ice ones. .is that weird?)… Cleaned up and headed out to get a pedicure. ..ahhhhhhh!!!

Time to relax…remember to take time out for yourself. ..It’s important! !


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