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HE – MAN must eat!

Workout: 6 mile fartlek run on treadmill.
6 mi in 50 min. . Includes a slow 10 minute warmup that really screwed with my overall pace. . But oh well! 

Food pics. .. Or yummies:  Still trying to incorporate more vegis and healthy protein choices. . The increase in vegi consumption is definitely helping keep my he – man appetite in check.

Vegis and swim and swim

I’ve been making an active effort to eat more vegis. . Although I generally eat pretty healthy. .i have this tendency to snack unnecessarily.  Because I work out so much I probably give myself to much leniency in that department.  So..I’m trying to fill that snack need with lots of vegis. . Which I  prefer alot over fruit.  lunch consisted of leftover vegis plus a yummy avacado and then dinner was more roasted vegis. . This time some mushrooms,  onions,  zucchini and squash sautéed in seasonings and avacado served with some sticky rice (japanese) and salmon.   It was delish!  I felt great this morning for masters swim. .. It was a good thing given today’s workout. . Check out out. . Try it.  

How do you keep your meals healthy? 

I’m already thinking about the morning

I worked out so long today that I feel like I should have a longer break til tomorrows workout .  So im seeking motivation via pinterest. . And the first to pop up in my search is perfect!

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