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Active Recovery – bike

Monday is usually my easiest day of the week. .i like to consider it my rest day. .
Saturday and Sunday are usually my heaviest days. . Usually a combination of long bike Saturdays and long run Sunday.  Right now things are moderate. ..3.5 hour rides and 12 miler runs both made slightly more mentally tough due to the harsh winter we’ve been dealing with.  (School was actually cancelled today bc it was so cold).  In short,  all my long workouts are on a trainer or treadmill.   So Mondays workout was a 65 min trainer ride while watching a Spinerval. .Does anyone else watch Spinervals to jazz up your trainer workouts?  I own about 20 different spinerval dvds. .. They are challenging,  and sometimes just give me the Extra push you need when you can’t get to a local computrainer session or get out on the roads. 

Schools out again = masters cancelled

I am so over these school delays and cancelations!! It messes up my day. . It screws up my workouts. . It cancels morning masters practice!

This weather sucks

Once again the weather here in Indy sucks. . It’s not that cold today but it’s gonna be around -11 degrees tomorrow  so school was once again delayed 2 hours .. . Wonderful!

Due to our icy cold snowy conditions I had to again do my long run on the treadmill today.  12 miles of basement treadmill bliss.   It wasn’t supposed to be a super fast run more of a gradual build run.  I ended up around an 8:40 pace. .

I honestly cannot wait for this weather to break so I can get outside again. ..i don’t mind 40 degree runs. . Hell I don’t mind 25 degree runs but 0 degrees and negative degree temp runs. . Well that ain’t happening.

Once I finished up my run i headed out for some sushi with my daughter and brother.  We went to a relatively new sushi place by my house. … and it is quickly becoming my favorite.  The salmon nigiri, avocado rolls and other fantastic rolls are so crazy delicious!  Post lunch required a small Cup of vanilla from DQ…. I’m a firm believer in moderation. . So though a butterfinger blizzard would’ve rocked i ordered plain vanilla and took a bite of my baby girls blizzard. . Delicious! ! 

Trainer day…3.5 hours

Trainer day… Here we go. .. Learn to be uncomfortable in the saddle

SWIM….How to get better

There are no 2 ways around it. .. In order to improve your swim skills you must swim and you must swim alot.   You also have to learn proper technique because swimming 10000 meters a week the wrong way is only going to teach you to swim 10000 meters a week wrong… with alot of unnecessary effort that could be saved for your bike and run…. if you do triathlons like me.

It’s also key to swim with swimmers because swimmers swim. .. swim with swimmers to get better and get faster. .. It’s that simple.   Bike with bikers,  run with runners and swim with swimmers. . Simple.

The best way to accomplish this is to join your local masters team.   Typically local masters teams are made of swimmers and triathletes and coaches.  Coaches will typically be on deck to guide you in improving your technique so you can pick up the pace while conserving energy.  Masters practices usually force you to swim on a given interval to keep up with the written workout.  This is necessary to improve speed and build endurance.  I typically have to cut my distance to keep with the interval but that’s OK. . Because I’m getting better and cutting less.   So I will leave you with this one piece of swimming triathlon advice. .. join a masters program.   You will be more comfortable in the water both in pool and open water and you will get faster and build endurance.  If nothing else is gained you can swim forever which,  in my humble opinion,  is truly amazing.  Oh a side note. . Joining is simple. . Google for a local team… pay membership dues and join us USMS… It’s  worth it.

Looking down. ..My view today

I feel as though I spent the day sitting (not sedentary) and watching today. .
Watching my kids at bus stop
Watching my bike computer (while enjoying my new favorite yogurt) and treadmill slowly tick off the miles
Watching my husband watch me take down the last of the Christmas decorations
Watch myself get a pedicure… yes!!!!
And get my nails done. … double yes!! (Relax-ING while enjoying some good reading materials).

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